brainduster: You confront the Electro Spectre! (defacto)

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Birthdate:Mar 30
I like roguelikes, songs that are so pretty they make me cry, eating vegetables, dying a lot in games, worldbuilding, and learning. I could probably stand to use my time better, but I'd so much rather be happy than right. What's that? Am I?

No. That's where the whole thing falls apart, I'm afraid.

I am ostentatious, generally genuinely tactless, and have a MFA in amusing the hell out of myself. I laugh at memories, thoughts, and ridiculous ways of reading abbreviations, and I really enjoy singing along with my favourite songs (which are almost always sad).

I tend not to trust peoples' nicety. I have seen what people say and do behind the backs of those they are nice to.

Interests (125):

absurd humour, airplane!, akira, akira kurosawa, amelie, american beauty, american gods, american psycho, anti capitalist propaganda, arsty things, artsy things, azumanga daioh, bad acting, bad movies, black and white stripes, boards of canada, boom bip, botany, cake, catch-22, catcher in the rye, chaos, checkerboard patterns, childcare, city of lost children, creating, creating worlds, cummings, cute things, cyborgs, daydreaming, death to smoochy, delicatessen, documentaries, drawing, dreaming, electrelane, ender's game, epic failure, fantastic mr. fox, fantastic plastic machine, fight club, firesign theatre, graffiti, harry potter, haunted, having rights, hirasawa susumu, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, homeschooling, how we decide, idealism, independent games, interactive fiction, invisible monsters, j, jurassic park, large noses, lgbt, listening, living in the now, making fun of everything, mass insanity, memories, microbiology, modest mouse, npr, oingo boingo, on bullshit, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, paprika, paranormal, poetry, polyglot, pop, post, pragmatism, primal fear, psychology, punk, radiator heaters, reading, rebecca, rock, roguelikes, scissor sister, sculpting, serenity, shamelessness, shark jaws, shoot 'em up, silent hill 4: the room, skepticism, sky captain and the world of tomorrow, slaughterhouse 5, slaves to armok ii: dwarf fortress, sleeping in the nude, snow crash, socialism, sparks, spirals, st. vincent, steampunk, talk radio, teaching, thank you for smoking, the beatles, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, the dark tower series, the diamond age, the ditty bops, the divine comedy, the lost skeleton of cadavra, the weather man, transhumanism, undead, unknown, waking life, war poetry, watchmen, weird clothes, writing, yotsuba, you are a miserable excuse for a hero, yume nikki
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